Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching Up....

I know it's been a while, so we're going to a little catching up.  Starting with Jaydin's 1st Birthday!
 Hooray for cupcakes!
 1st cupcake
 Opening presents
Look at all I got!

Jaydin started to walk about a week after his 1st birthday.  He gets into even more things now!
I'm Walking!

Next, some of the adventures we've been on with Grammy K and Pops!
Crown King

Jerome Arizona

4th of July at the lake

Next, the Lords Family Reunion and Shawn's Graduation

And lastly, his latest trick is language development.  He does verbal and signing.  In baby sign he knows "please", "thank you", "more", "drink", "eat", and "all done".  Verbally he says Dad, ball, dog, woof, this (sounds like 'dis'), baby, oh man!, and boo really well, and he tries at lots of other words.  He also understands us when we talk.  He knows his nose, ears, piggies (toes), tummy, patty-cake, and lots of other things when we ask for him to point to them or do them.  He also imitates everything we say.  It's so cute.  The funniest one is dog, because every time he sees a dog he growls the word "dog", then says "woof woof".  Here is a video of him saying dog.

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